About me

I turn ideas into products and people into teams.
Currently open for consulting jobs as a digital innovation expert while working on my next project in the food and beverage import/export industry.


Nearly 10 years of experience in Digital Product management and Agile team management in various industries ranging from Telecommunications to International Logistics as well as HR and Online Fitness.
I use my experience in various industries working with large corporations as well as startups to help organizations of all sizes defining their innovation strategy, product roadmap and team requirements.
As a certified SCRUM Master (CSM) and PO (CSPO), I’m able to define agile workflows for your team and create a continuous delivery process to always fit your customer needs.


I embrace 3 principles:

  • Agility: plan for the future as a tree of possibilities and always be ready to switch paths according to what the future actually brings.
  • Extreme ownership: A leader is responsible for all his teams failures without exceptions.
  • Radical transparency: Being able to have the most truthful exchanges will always brings the best in us as long as we do it in a constructive fashion.


  • Innovation strategy
  • Product management
  • Agile team management
  • Software architecture
  • User Experience